Exploration & Exercises in 3D Modeling
William Ross, Dr. Patrick Connolly, and Ray Hassan

Table of Contents

Chap 1 Design Process,Graphics, & Modeling
Chap 2 Sketching & Visualizatin with Orthographic Projection
Chap 3 Solid Modeling & Visualization Basics
Chap 4 Constraint Based Fundamentals
Chap 5 Feature Based Modeling Principals
Chap 6 Interior Features and Arrays
Chap 7 Introduction to Assembly Modeling
Chap 8 Reference Planes & Compound Angles
Chap 9 Splines, Sweeps and Lofted Solids
Chap 10 Mechanisms & Motion in Assembly Models
Chap 11 NURBS Modeling [Supplemental Material]
Chap 12 Polygonal Modeling [Supplemental Material]


About the Author:

William Ross is a retired professor of computer graphics.

Patrick Connolly is the department head and a professor in the Department of Computer Graphics Technology with Purdue University at West Lafayette, Indiana. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Design and Graphics Technology and Master of Science degree in Computer Integrated Manufacturing from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.He completed a Ph.D. in Educational Technology from Purdue University in 2007. Professor Connolly has been teaching at Purdue since 1996, and has extensive industry experience in CAD applications and design, CAE software support, and customer service management.

Ray is a Clinical Assistant Professor, specializing in 3D Animation. He has a BFA from University of South Florida, where he specialized in traditional oil painting. He recieved his MS from Purdue University through the department of Computer Graphics Technology. His primary areas of interest are 3D animation production, visualization, and illustration.

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