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  Exploration & Exercises in 3D Modeling
Authors: William Ross; Patrick Connolly, PhD ; Ray Hassan

Table of Contents
Chap 1 Design Process,Graphics, & Modeling
Chap 2 Sketching & Visualizatin with Orthographic Projection
Chap 3 Solid Modeling & Visualization Basics
Chap 4 Constraint Based Fundamentals
Chap 5 Feature Based Modeling Principals
Chap 6 Interior Features and Arrays
Chap 7 Introduction to Assembly Modeling
Chap 8 Reference Planes & Compound Angles
Chap 9 Splines, Sweeps and Lofted Solids
Chap 10 Mechanisms & Motion in Assembly Models
Chap 11 NURBS Modeling [Supplemental Material]
Chap 12 Polygonal Modeling [Supplemental Material]

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