We are always looking forward to hearing from you. Below is our contact information along with a FAQ to some common issues that our customers have encountered in the past.

1. I would like to order print versions of a book for a retail book store.

Please contact our sales department (sales@eAcademicBooks.com) for volume and B2B sales. Not all books are available in print format.

2. I need to change the name or email address associated with a UBSN because the person who purchased the book is not the student.

This commonly happens when a parent or a friend purchases a book for a student. You change the e-mail address associated with a UBSN for up to ten days after the purchase by visiting the link below: http://www.eacademicbooks.com/ChangeAccount.asp

3. I am getting an "Invalid Authorization" error when I try to log in using the email/UBSN I received via email.

Click on the "Lost UBSN" link below and supply your email address. Then, copy/paste the UBSN that you see via the web-site to log-in. It turns out that some of the web-email clients are set-up to automatically transform adjacent characters into emoticons. For example, some email clients will display a happy face if the characters colon [ : ] and close parenthesis [ ) ] are next to each other. If your web-mail client does this, it is possible that even though the email contains a valid USBN, you can't properly copy/paste from it because it is not being shown in its native format. To get around this you can (a) turn off this feature on your email client or (b) use the Forgot UBSN link to get the site to show you the UBSN. Since this is not going through the email client, it will show all of the characters in their original form. http://www.eacademicbooks.com/ForgotUBSN.ASP

4. I have paid, but I never received an e-mail with a password or UBSN to get into the site.

On rare occasions, the e-mail that has your UBSN might not arrived in a timely fashion. You can use the "Forgot UBSN" link to get a copy of your login credentials (e-mail & UBSN) instantly. This will allow you to log-in immediately even if your information has not arrived via e-mail. To do this, visit the link below:

5. I have lost my UBSN.

You can recover your account information by visiting the link below and providing your class & the e-mail address that your provided when you purchased the book.

6. I can get into the site, but the PDF password displayed on my dashboard is not opening the PDF.

You are most likely not copying/pasting the number correctly. All of the PDF passwords have a the following format #56xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! (starts with a # sign and ends with an exclamation mark !). For some reason, in IE & Firefox it is very easy to either select an extra space at the beginning of the string or to miss the ending exclamation mark (try it). If you double-click to select the text, it will select the text in the middle (the # and the ! will be left out). If you drag from left to right from the # to the !, it will select the entire string before you get to the end, but leave out the exclamation mark (!). Bottom line, you need to select the string very carefully and only have the characters from the # to ! (inclusive).

7. I purchased the book last semester and I can't log-in this semester. I am repeating a class.

You will need to purchase the eBook again. Our current license agreement with Authors allows us to provide students with a one semester license for eBooks. Thus, your purchase from last semester is not valid this semester.

8. When I click on a chapter, it does not open. All I get is a blank page.

Chapters that ship as Encrypted PDF file require a browser that supports Encrypted PDFs. Google Chrome does not currently support encrypted PDFs. So it will not work. Google is aware of this and they are working on a solution. Firefox and Internet Explorer both support encrypted PDFs. You must also have a PDF reader on your system that supports encrypted PDFs, such as Adobe PDF reader.

Email for Technical Support:

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