You want to write for us. As one of the oldest eTextbook publishers in the world eAcademicBooks has much to offer to our authors. We work with our authors to identify and implement the latest instructional research findings. We have on on-going process of evaluation and implementation to keep us current with our clients' needs and the direction of the technologies of the future.

We value our authors and to demonstrate this we have a generous relationship to offer. To start with our authors maintain the copyright to their works. Here at eAcademicBooks books we value our authors. You do the writing, late nights and research to make the best resource, you should own it. Period. Additionally, our authors earn 70% royalties. We want our authors to be motivated to publish and continue publishing with us. At eAcademicBooks books we have the benefit of focusing our publishing efforts on eTextbooks. Since we do not have the added overhead associated with traditional publishing companies, we can pass on the profits more directly to you, our authors. We find this helps to keep our authors motivated, and even encourages them to assist with getting the word out about the works they publish through us. Be excited about the work you do, pass it on, and see the rewards.


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